Fire and smoke damper

Fire and smoke damper testing and installation damper testing from £20 per damper call to discuss your requirements.

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Best Commercial Ventilation Cleaners in Ilfracombe

Any commercial or private building supervisor should be aware of the risks of uncleaned air ducts. Hiring the professional air duct cleaners at Kitchen Canopy …

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Full Extraction System Deep Cleaning . De-contamination fogging service

Air ducts are complicated systems, and they require a professional touch when it comes to cleaning. We offer unparalleled cleaning that doesn’t miss a spot, …

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Our staff

All our staff are licensed, qualified, and able to clean air ducts at a professional level. We make a point to keep up-to-date with any and all developments …

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Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning
Full kitchen deep clean
Super heated steam cleaning


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25 January 2020
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